Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hi Bulldogs!

Big news - my CCNP ROUTE Video Boot Camp is now available online, thanks to my friends at -- and best of all, every single lesson from my CCNP ROUTE Bulldog Boot Camp DVD is in this course!

That's even better news for all of my international Bulldogs out there who want to take my CCNP courses, but don't want the customs charges and such that go along with getting a physical DVD from me.

Here's the best part of all my Udemy courses - there is no time limit on your membership. You can watch the videos as often as you like, and for as long as you like - so no matter how long it takes you to get this challenging exam passed, or if real life throws you a curveball and you need to take a break - the videos will be right there waiting for you when you get back!

I'm also giving you a $50 discount code - don't tell anybody. ;) It's the word PAWNSHOP.

(No hidden meaning there - I just hate obvious coupon codes.)

I'll be adding my CCNP SWITCH and CCNP TSHOOT courses to that site later this week - and some other great courses are on the way, for both Cisco certifications and...

.... well, that would be telling. It's all part of The Great TBA Refresh of 2011! ;) Click this link or the widget below (that lists every single one of the 69 power-packed lectures you'll find in this course), and let's get started on your CCNP!

The CCNP ROUTE Video Boot Camp

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