Friday, December 03, 2010

Here's A New CCNA Practice Exam For You --

And A New CCNA / CCNP Video EVERYONE Should Watch!

Hiya Bulldogs!

Before we get to this post, be sure to scroll down in the blog for a big list of new CCENTs, CCNAs, and CCNPs - we're proud to help you get Cisco certified and to help our 4-legged bulldogs, too!  (See next post for that.)

From every single one of us here at TBA... thank you.

Here's the latest CCNA practice exam ( I added a new OSPF exam on Sunday, too!)

CCNP And CCNP Practice Exam: OSPF Adjacencies

CCNA Practice Exam:  OSPF

And a new CCNA / CCNP video *everyone* should watch!

CCNP ROUTE Training Video:  The AD Mystery

Enjoy!  I'll be back over the weekend (several times) with more!

Thanks again, Bulldogs - you're the best!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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