Monday, October 04, 2010

It's A Brand New Bulldog Day.

Let's Knock Binary Math And Subnetting OUT.


Nothing strikes fear into the heart of CCNA (and CCNP!) candidates like binary math.

Five years ago, I got my start in this field because I was tired of seeing bright CCNA candidates fail the exam, generally due to binary math, hex, and subnetting questions...

.... and it wasn't their fault, because so many of the explanations of these subjects is, well, not good. 

Too many tricks, too many charts.

(What's a "magic octet", anyway?  If you mentioned that in a job interview, the only thing you'll get is a good laugh from the interviewer.)

Once I showed them how easy it was just to DO the math instead of relying on third-party tricks, they were amazed (and a little angry at having wasted time on the tricks).

And here I am, five years later, still at it.

Now most of you out there have my CCNA Study Package - and if you do, thanks for that.  :)    

You don't need this offer, because you already have all of this information in your CCNA Study Package.

But if you haven't made the move to The Bryant Advantage yet...

... and you're ready to master binary, hex, and subnetting...

.. and laugh at questions you once thought impossible ...

... I'm ready to make this dream a reality.

What am I asking in return?

You won't believe it.

But only 50 of you are getting it.

So you better click this link.


Don't miss it.

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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