Monday, September 20, 2010

Michael Jordan was once cut from his high school basketball team.

In his words:  "I've failed over and over again in life.  That is why I succeed."

Hiya Bulldogs!

A note for you CCNA candidates:

My famous live and online CCNA Mastermind Webinar is returning - even better than before.

Keep an eye on the Bulldog Blog for details.  As always, spots are first-come, first-served. 

And for your CCNP candidates - my CCNP SWITCH Exam Study Package will be released next week, and my CCNP SWITCH Exam Boot Camp DVD is right behind!

You can click those links and start studying for the CCNP SWITCH exam right away - just click them to find out how!

Let's get to today's videos from my YouTube Cisco Certification Video Training channel - I'll have a new CCNA 3-Minute Boot Camp and CCNP SWITCH Video Practice Exam up later today!

Enjoy these videos, and scroll down right here in the Bulldog Blog for more!

Here's one of my most popular videos, a review of the OSI model:

Here's the Battle Of The Century - TCP vs. UDP!

Here's a CCNA Video Practice Exam on LAN Switching:

I'm Paying It Forward...

My Famous CCNA Study Package Is Now Only $25!

Troubleshooting Serial interfaces can be pretty tricky - this video will help you master this important skill!

Here's Part 1 ...

Here's some help with Frame Relay DLCIs!

Get Your CCNA For $1 A Day - On Your Schedule -

In My Exclusive CCNA On-Demand Boot Camp!

Chris Bryant
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