Friday, September 24, 2010

Just 6 Days Counting To My CCNP SWITCH Study Package Release!

(I Have A HUGE Opportunity For CCNA Candidates Next Week, Too!)

In The Meantime, Here Are 5 Free CCNA And CCNP Training Videos For You!

Hiya Bulldogs!

That's right, something big for both CCNA and CCNP candidates next week - the release of my CCNA SWITCH Study Package and ....

... well, you CCNAers are just going to have to be here to see! 

BTW, just a quick note - my CCNP ROUTE DVD and Study Package will be out on October 31, and my CCNP TSHOOT DVD and Study Package will be out in very early December.   More presales information on these next week!

Let's get to today's videos! 

Here's a Video Practice Exam on Etherchannels....

Here's a great CCNA Video Practice Exam on directly connected serial interfaces - plenty of live configs in this one!

Here's a Video Practice Exam on Frame Relay for you CCNA and CCNP candidates:

I'm Paying It Forward...

My Famous CCNA Study Package Is Now Only $25!

We always come back to the OSI model, don't we? Here's a Video Practice Exam to make sure you've mastered this important topic...

And we'll finish this post with some free Cisco CCNA and Network+ training on trunking. Be sure to scroll down in the blog for dozens of other videos!

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