Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thanks For Over 560,000 Views And 2,500 Subscriptions To

Happy Thursday, Bulldogs! :)

With over 130 videos on my YouTube Cisco Certification Video Training channel, and over 100 still to come in the next three months, it's easy to miss an important video.

So for you CCNA, CCNP, and Network+ candidates alike, here are five of my most popular videos.   Plenty of great exam info here - and real-world examples, as always!

Enjoy these videos, and I'll be back later today with more!

Here's a great CCNA video on configuring directly connected interfaces on Cisco routers:

Pings seem simple enough, but that's not always the case...

A little something on VLANs for CCNA, Network+, and CCNP candidates:

I'm Paying It Forward...

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Some more great info on trunking...

And finally, help for CCNA and CCNP candidates with that tricky OSPF RID!

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