Monday, August 09, 2010

Hi Bulldogs!

Very serious, short and sweet note here today.

I know how many of you need to get Cisco certified, and I know that many of you need to keep a tight grip on your budget.

Not only am I determined to create straight-to-the-point Cisco and Network+ certification materials ...

... a goal I'm proud to have met over the past five years ....

... I'm also determined to make them affordable to everyone.

Why do I feel so strongly about this?

Because I've been there.  

Being broke when I started my IT career would have been an improvement.

I know what it's like to want to get ahead, better yourself, and create a brighter future...

... and run into one financial roadblock after the other.

I've done my best over the last five years to make my materials affordable for everyone...

... and lately, I've intensified those efforts by paying it forward.

First, I paid it forward by making it possible to you to get your CCNA Security certification for $20 with my CCNA Security Study Package.

Currently, we're revolutionizing DVD-based training with our $197 Bulldog Boot Camp DVDs - the first ones roll out this fall with our new CCNP SWITCH, TSHOOT, and ROUTE DVDs.

But before you tackle either of those certifications, you've got to get your CCNA.  That's at the core of the entire thing - the most important goal.

My CCNA Study Package has been helping people just like you earn this vital certification for the last five years.

I want to help as many of you as possible earn your CCNA - I know how important it is -- and I know you have to watch your money.

So I'm paying it forward again - and bigger than ever before.

My famous CCNA Study Package - of which I've sold thousands over the years - is now $25.

And it's yours in minutes after your purchase.

Now Just $25.

It's my way of thanking all of you for your support of TBA for the past five years.

Click this link and let's get started on your CCNA.

Let's get started.

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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