Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Monday, June 21 - And Here's A 100%-New CCNA And CCNP Switch Video For You!

Hi Bulldogs!

The big push to the new CCNP exams is in full swing here at TBA, with our CCNP SWITCH Bulldog DVD and CCNP SWITCH Study Guide coming out next month - and the CCNP ROUTE and CCNP TSHOOT materials aren't far behind at all.

Man, that's a lot of caps.  But those are the official names so we gotta go with it.

And for the many of you have asked, yes, we are going to offer all of our ebooks in iPod format as well as our classic ebook reader.

It's the biggest year in the history of TBA - and every single one of you out there are a part of our success.

Thank you.

Let's get to today's video.  CCNA candidates as well as CCNP SWITCH students need to watch ....

... ah, let's just all watch!   And when you're done here, visit our YouTube Cisco Certification Video Channel for over 125 more videos!

(Better subscribe while you're there - over 100 additional videos will be posted there over the next four months.)

CCNA And CCNP SWITCH Training Video: Dynamic And Static VLANs

For you CCNA candidates, some more links...

CCNA Exam Tutorials:  Switching

CCNA Exam Tutorials:  Routing


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