Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hiya Bulldogs!

Enjoy these classic CCNA and CCNP training videos, and I'll see you later today with more!  (And visit our YouTube Cisco Certification Video Training channel for over 120 more videos!)

Let's see what we have behind the curtain today...

Here's a CCNA Video Practice Exam on Layer 2 features:

NOTE:  As of 1 PM EST, YouTube was having some serious issues, so the videos below may not load.  If they don't, head over to the CCNA / CCNP Tutorials page for plenty of illustrated tutorials, and then get back over here later!

Another CCNA Video Practice Exam, this one on static routes and RIP - don't underestimate these two topics!

Here's another Video Practice Exam on the all-important L1 and L2 of the OSI model:

And if route summarization confuses you - and even if it doesn't :) -- watch this video!

See you later today!

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