Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi Bulldogs!

Bulldogs Worldwide are getting the job done!  Congratulations to Dumisani Ngubane of South Africa and Marat Seysenbayev of Russia, who both earned their CCNA this past week - with a little help from TBA! 

We're honored to help Dumisani, Marat, and all the other Bulldogs out there on the way to your CCNA and CCNP - and coming later this year, certain other certifications!

I'll have more info on our new CCNP SWITCH and ROUTE exam courses later today - and in the meantime, enjoy these videos from our YouTube Cisco Certification Video Channel - there's something here for everyone!

Here's a great CCNA / CCNP tutorial (he said modestly, of course) on configuring and troubleshooting directly connected Serial interfaces:

And you better know how to work with PPP and HDLC on those Serial interfaces - this Video Practice Exam will help you master this important topic.

Here's an EIGRP Video Practice Exam for you CCNA and NP candidates alike:

Never hurts to review your OSPF knowledge!

For over 125 additional Cisco training videos, visit our YouTube Cisco Certification Video channel - and be sure to subscribe - almost 2000 other CCNA and CCNP candidates have done just that!

And watch for our new Cisco training video website - coming this summer!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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