Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New CCNA Security / CCNP ISCW Tutorial Added...

CCNP Route Exam Training Page Now Open...

Our YouTube Cisco Certification Training Video Channel Hits The 1800-Subscriber Mark!

Thanks to all of you for the great response to our new CCNP ROUTE Exam Training page!   There are two important videos for you to watch there right now, and we'll begin regular updates on that page this Thursday.

And of course you still have plenty of time to pass the current CCNP exams - and we guarantee we can help you get there before July 31!

Our popular YouTube Cisco Certification Training Video channel passed the 1800-subscriber mark last night, and we're closing in on 400,000 views.   Be sure to visit that page for our popular Three-Minute Tutorials, and I'll have a new one ready for you there later today.

And for those of you working on your CCNA Security or CCNP ISCW exam, here's a brand-new tutorial for you!

CCNA Security Tutorial:  SDM Prerequisites

I do recommend that all of the Bulldogs Worldwide out there read that one and the next few installments - we've all got to become fluent with Security Device Manager!

See you later today with a new CCNA Three-Minute Tutorial, and be sure to scroll down in the blog for our latest tutorials and videos!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"



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