Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A VERY Important CCNA And CCNP Tutorial On Passwords Has Been Posted!

CCNP Route And CCNP Switch Study Guide / Video Release Dates To Be Announced....

A New Series Of CCNA And CCNP Three-Minute Tutorials Begins Today!

Thanks to all of you for the great response to our new CCNP ROUTE Exam Training and CCNP SWITCH Exam Training pages!

Later today, I'll announce the upcoming release dates for our CCNP ROUTE and SWITCH exam study materials, which will include...

... the long-awaited hard copies of our Study Guides, with immediate online access to the Study Guides so you can study while you're waiting for your hard copy....

... our new line of Bulldog Video Boot Camp DVDs, available only at The Bryant Advantage, with immediate online access to the videos so you can start watching immediately after your purchase - and at a price that makes video-based training affordable for all Bulldogs Worldwide....

... plus some other bonuses that even I, the Boss Bulldog himself, cannot divulge lest his office staff strike him down

And I'm not kidding!  :)

BUT... those of you working on the NP right now OR those of you even thinking about it need not wait --- indeed, you shouldn't wait.

You still have plenty of time to pass the current CCNP exams - and we guarantee we can help you get there before July 31!

With everything else going on around here - and I'm not complaining! - we haven't been getting new Three-Minute Tutorials out as often as I would have liked the last few weeks. 

Soo.... today we're starting a new series of those popular Video Tutorials, and I'll include CCNP ROUTE and SWITCH material in the weeks ahead as well as the popular CCNA version.

To watch our previous videos, just visit out YouTube Cisco Certification Training Video channel, and I'll post a few here on the Bulldog Blog as well.

If the video appears cut off, just double-click it and it'll come up in another browser.  We're working on that little Blogger issue.

And for all CCNA, CCNP, and Security candidates alike, take just five minutes to read this new tutorial....the video also appears there...

CCNA / CCNP Tutorial: Secret Passwords And Shoulder Attacks

... enjoy!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"



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