Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hey Bulldogs!  :)

I'll post new CCNA and CCNP tutorials *and* videos later today - be sure to scroll down in the blog, we've posted quite a bit of new material over the last week!

I also want to share a blog post from Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine.   ( I highly recommend that mag, BTW.) 

I've noticed that when I've been most successful on certification exams - or anything else for that matter - it's because I practiced what Darren discusses in this post.

This is Part 15 of a series, but you do *not* have to read the first 14 posts to enjoy this one.   I know you'll find it worth the few minutes it'll take you to read, and to put into practice!

Enjoy, and I'll see you later today!

Success Magazine:  How To Win Every Time!

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