Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coming In May .....

Hi Bulldogs!

Before we get to today's CCNA and CCNP tutorials and videos, I want to mention that you really should make a point of scrolling down to the next blog post - there's an important article link there I'd like all of Bulldogs Worldwide to read!

Speaking of Bulldogs Worldwide, the CCNP passes have really been pouring in lately - I'm really proud that we're taking the aggressive approach to getting NP certified! 

Scott Pickles just defeated the BSCI exam with a 961 to finish his CCNP....

James Brochu just passed the ISCW exam and only needs the ONT to finish his CCNP....

Daniel Grubbs scored a whopping 977 on the ONT exam to finish his CCNP...

Join these Bulldogs in the march to CCNP exam success with our CCNP Guaranteed Pass offer!

And for even more help in earning your CCNP, there are over 100 free CCNP tutorials and practice exams over on the main site.  In addition to today's new tutorial, I'll also post links here to help you find the right material to help you earn your NP - regardless of which CCNP exam you're working on!

Let's get to those right now - here are your CCNP tutorial links!

BSCI Tutorials

BCMSN Tutorials

ISCW Tutorials

ONT Tutorials

And once you tackle the tutorials, take all of our CCNP practice exams!

Today's new CCNP tutorials tackles the concept of a "multicast tree", and why we care about this concept to begin with.  It's primarily written for those studying for the BSCI exam, but it wouldn't hurt the rest of you to read it!

BSCI Tutorial:  Building And Joining The Multicast Tree

See you later today with the debut of a new type of CCNA training video you'll find only at TBA! 
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