Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bulldogs, Big News To Help You Beat The CCNP Deadline -

Plus A New CCNA / CCNP Video Practice Exam And Tutorial!

New Practice Exam Just Added!

We here at TBA are doing everything we can to help you beat the July 31 deadline for the current CCNP exams - and now we've come up with another way to help you!

In addition to our CCNP Guaranteed Pass offer and the CCNP Resource Centers (links below), we're now going to start posting new CCNP Tutorials on March 3 - and we'll post them every day in March!

Put those together with the Guaranteed Pass *and* the CCNP practice exams we posted every day in February, and you've got everything you need to beat the deadline with time to spare!

And for over 100 more free Cisco training videos, visit our YouTube Cisco Certification Channel - over 335,000 visits and almost 1600 subscribers!
Enjoy the videos, and here's a bonus for you - a new CCNA Written Practice Exam!

CCNA Practice Exam: Etherchannels

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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