Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bulldogs, Here Are More Easy Exam Points For You  - In Just Three Minutes!

Before we get to today's new CCNA and CCNP videos and tutorials, let's take just a moment to congratulate just a few Bulldogs Worldwide on their accomplishments! 

Congratulations to ...

... Jeffrey Druin, who nailed the CCENT exam with a 963!

... Dean Oliveri on his BSCI pass - just needs his ONT pass to get his CCNP!

... Adam Cantu, who just earned his CCNA with a whopping 912!

Thanks to Bulldogs Worldwide for the great response to our first Three-Minute Tutorial - and if you missed it, just scroll down for that video or visit our YouTube Cisco Certification Video Channel!

We're closing in on 1700 subscribers and 360,000 views - so join us today on the march to exam success!

Today's Three-Minute Tutorial shows you exactly how and when to use the Frame Relay map command and the interface-dlci command .... and as always I'll show you all of this in just three minutes AND on live Cisco routers!

Let's get started!

BTW, in some browsers the video embedded in the blog may be cut off slightly on the right-hand side.   If that's the case, just double-click the video to watch it from our YouTube CCNA And CCNP Video Channel (separate browser will open) or follow this link to watch it directly on YouTube:

CCNA Training Video: The Frame Map And Interface-DLCI Commands


Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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