Monday, March 29, 2010

Bulldogs, Add Major Points To Your CCNA And CCNP Exam Score In Just Three Minutes -

With These Exclusive Bulldog Three-Minute Tutorials From The Bryant Advantage!   (I'll have even another new one for you later today!)

Thanks to all of you for the great feedback on our new Three-Minute Tutorial series!    You've enjoyed these so much that we're going to make them a regular feature here on the Bulldog Blog and our YouTube Channel...

... and we'll also put them all in a new section of the Bryant Advantage website, so you can find them easily.   We'll add that page this week!

Our new website, opening in late May / early June, will have all 100+ of our YouTube videos organized by exam and protocol so you can quickly find just the right video to help you pass the CCNA and CCNP exams -

- along with brand-new CCNP videos and Webinars for the CCNP ROUTE, SWITCH, and TROUBLESHOOT exams!

Let's get to today's video - and I've posted the other two videos in this series in this blog post as well.  Enjoy!

BTW, in some browsers the video embedded in the blog may be cut off slightly on the right-hand side. If that's the case, just double-click the video to watch it from our YouTube CCNA And CCNP Video Channel (separate browser will open) or follow this link to watch it directly on YouTube:

CCNA Three-Minute Tutorial: The OSPF ABR

CCNA Three-Minute Tutorial: The Frame Map Command

CCNA Three-Minute Tutorial: Frame Map vs. Frame Interface-Dlci

CCNA Three-Minute Tutorial:  The VLAN.DAT File

YouTube Cisco Certification Video Channel

Here are the videos, including the newest tutorial on the OSPF ABR!   I'll post a new 3-Minute Tutorial on the OSPF ASBR later today.

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