Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take Just A Few Minutes To Read This....

.... You'll Be Glad You Did.


First, let me thank those of you who have already enrolled in the On-Demand version of my CCNA Mastermind Webinar.

For those of you not familiar with that course, it's an online CCNA training experience that I taught live for over two years.   

Spanning over 70 labs, it truly is the next generation of CCNA training, and it was so popular that CCNP candidates continually asked me when I was going to create Mastermind courses for the NP exams.

That's coming this summer.

But back to the CCNA Mastermind Webinar...

... I love teaching, and I *really* love teaching live.   However, so many of you Bulldogs wanted to take the live Webinar, but couldn't make it to the online meeting room six nights in a row due to work and life commitments, or due to the time zone differences.

That was particularly true of my friends in Australia and in the UK.

So I came up with the idea of recording a CCNA Mastermind Webinar and then making it available online.

That way you could watch the Mastermind Webinar anytime you wanted for a certain period of time, and since it's presented in 30 - 40 minute sessions, you don't have to watch for hours at a time.

Those who enrolled in the 30-day version of the course have been unanimous in their enjoyment of the course, as said here by David Walker:

"I highly recommend Chris Bryant's CCNA Mastermind Webinar. I am currently in my 2nd semester of the CCNA Academy and decided to take the Webinar as both a supplement to the course and as preparation for the CCNA exam.

His explanations are really better than the ones CISCO gives you. They are clear, concise and very straight forward."

I also heard from other potential Webinar students who wanted to sign up ,but were worried that 30 days would not be enough time for them to truly absorb all of the information presented in the Webinar.

And believe me... there's a lot of concentrated, no-BS information presented here.

Now I do have to make a living at this... but I also make a living at this because I listen to my students and prospective students.

And since it's extra time you need.... it's extra time you're going to have.

Some people here in the TBA office said that 45 days would be a great deal.  And they're right.

But I'm going to push the boundaries, as I always do.

As of right now, every enrollment in the CCNA On-Demand Mastermind Webinar is now DOUBLE the length ...

.... with no increase in price.

You now receive 60 days of access to every minute of the CCNA Mastermind On-Demand Webinar when you enroll...

.... PLUS full support for your studies on our brand-new Cisco Certification Bulldog forum.   Only my students are allowed on this forum, and you'll be there in minutes after your enrollment.

(And of course, those of you who have already enrolled will have another 30 days added to your 30-day membership at no additional cost.)
I've made the best On-Demand CCNA training in the world an even better value.
Now it's time for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Over 20 hours of world-class CCNA training, yours whenever you want to watch it.

Total support for your studies from Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933.

And a live weekly chat where I'll answer questions from students, 100% live.

Click this link and let's get serious about your CCNA Studies.
See you there.
Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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