Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More CCNA And CCNP Practice Exams Are Ready For You!

An Exclusive New Series Of CCNP And CCNA Security Tutorials Begins Thursday!

I appreciate everyone waiting a few extra days for our next series of CCNA and CCNP certification training videos - I'll have at least two new CCNA Video Practice Exams for you right here on Thursday, along with our first look at the upcoming CCNP Routing exam!

Also starting Thursday - an exclusive series of fully-illustrated tutorials for all four of the current CCNP exams!

I told all you Bulldogs that all of us here at TBA are doing everything we can to help you beat the CCNP exam deadline, and I meant it!

You can still take advantage of our "Choose Your Own Price" offer on our CCNA Security Study Package, too!

Click this link and find out how - and start studying for CCNA Security exam success just minutes from now - at a price you choose.

The CCNA Security Study Package

Here are your CCNP exams for today!

BSCI Exam: Multicasting Practice #3

CCNP Practice Exam Main Page

And your CCNA exams...

CCNA Security Exam:  Backup Sites

CCNA Practice Exam Main Page


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