Wednesday, February 10, 2010

 Hey Bulldogs!

I want to thank Bulldogs Worldwide for helping us hit the 1500-subscriber mark at our YouTube Cisco Certification Video Channel!

We've got even more videos for both CCNA and CCNP candidates coming out in the next few weeks - and that begins tomorrow, so be sure to visit our Channel today and subscribe so you don't miss one!

For even more help in your CCNA studies, here are two brand-new CCNA practice exams for you.    

I'm posting four new CCNP exams today, too - I'll post the links just below the CCNA exam links.

Enjoy these CCNA practice exams, and I'll see you later today with those new NP exams!

CCNA ICND1 Exam:  WAN Basics

CCNA ICND2 Exam:  WAN Not-So-Basics

CCNA / CCENT Main Practice Exam Page

Today's CCNP Exams:

BSCI Exam:  Multi-Area OSPF #3

ISCW Exam:  VPNs

BCMSN Exam: Advanced Switching

ONT Exam:  Wireless Standards

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

And coming soon - our latest website  - and the next evolution of video-based computer certification training - ONLY from The Bryant Advantage!

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