Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey Bulldogs!

Big news today for both CCNA and CCNP candidates!

Let's cover the CCNP news first ...

As you probably know, the current CCNP exams expire at the end of July 2010 - and since Cisco was kind enough to give us that much notice, we're big on helping you to beat the July 2010 CCNP changes!

We've come up with another way to help all of the Bulldogs out there pass the current CCNP exams before that deadline.

Starting today - and every single day in February - we'll be posting brand-new CCNP practice exams for the BSCI, BCMSN, ONT, and ISCW exams!

That's in addition to the daily CCNA practice exam questions that will resume on Monday, and the daily Cisco Video Practice Exam!

Also, the blog will be undergoing a bit of a facelift over the next few days to make it a bit easier to read and watch the videos, so pardon any virtual dust you may run into!

Here are the links to today's CCNP practice exams.   I'll post the answers later today, and there will be new exams every day in February for all of these exams - it's just another way The Bryant Advantage is behind you all the way to your CCNP!  (I'll add links as the new exams are posted.)

CCNP Practice Exam Main Page

BSCI Practice Exam:  BGP

BCMSN Practice Exam On STP

ISCW Practice Exam

ONT Practice Exam

Turning The CCNP July 2010 Changes To Your Benefit

Be sure to join The Bryant Advantage Twitter conversation to be immediately notified when new exams and videos are posted - and just maybe some other goodies, too!

And for you CCNA candidates, I'll make this short and simple... you now receive a free $67 CCNA Security Study Package with enrollment in our CCNA On-Demand Mastermind Webinar!

You get immediate access to my 20+ hour CCNA Mastermind Webinar, the same training course CCNA candidates around the world have taken live - and now you can watch the sessions on your schedule via online, high-quality streaming video!

You also receive benefits you'll receive nowhere else, including membership in my exclusive, invitation-only Bulldog Board, where you can ask any CCNA-related questions you like... and I'll answer them personally!

You get all that PLUS a free CCNA Security Study Package, and it's at a price that makes world-class Cisco certification training more affordable than ever before.

The opportunity is in front of you; now it's your turn to take action. Click this link and let's get started!

The CCNA Mastermind On-Demand Webinar

See you there!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"
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