Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Welcome back, Bulldogs! :)

To say there's a lot going on here at The Bryant Advantage may well be the understatement of the century!

Here's just a little of what's coming up in the next few weeks as we head into 2010....

... the long-awaited opening of our new On-Demand CCNA/CCNP Webinar site, which will also bring you over 100 free videos. (Frankly, you've NEVER seen anything like this!)

... a new series of CCNA and CCNP practice exam questions and Five-Minute Videos (which starts today!)

... a refresh of The Bryant Advantage's main website, including a new Search feature and other features I can't talk about, under threat of death from our new Webmaster :) ....

... we're also going to refresh our daily free newsletter, The Bulldog,  to make it easier to read and offer you even more great ( and free!) features to help you earn your CCNA and CCNP... and to make 2010 your best year yet.

The Bryant Advantage is poised to make 2010 our best year yet... and more importantly, to help you make 2010 YOUR best year yet.

The cover of Entrepreneur magazine for this month said it best:

"2010: You Own It"

And we're here to help you do just that!

Right now, here's a new set of CCNA practice exam questions.   I'll have the answers here on the Bulldog Blog in written form later today as well as showing you the answers on LIVE Cisco routers and switches in our latest Cisco Certification Five-Minute Video Practice Exam!

Here are today's questions.. and be sure to visit our YouTube Cisco Certification Video channel and the CCNA And CCNP Tutorials page on the Bryant Advantage website for literally hundreds of additional free videos and tutorials.

We're approaching the 1200-subscriber mark on YouTube as well as the 250,000-view mark, and we invite you to join these subscribers!

See you later today with that new video and the answers to these practice exam questions!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

Cisco CCNA Practice Exam Questions For December 7, 2009:

Question 1:

Which of the following allows the use of wildcard masks in their network statements?

A. RIP version 1



D. RIP version 2

Question 2:

Which of the following must match in order for potential OSPF neighbors to actually become neighbors?

A. AS number

B. port cost

C. process number

D. "dead time"

Question 3:

Which of the following is an option with the ip route command?

A. local exit interface (physical)

B. local exit interface's IP address

C. administrative distance of the static route

D. use of wildcard masks

Question 4:

Short answer: What is the STP port cost of a Fast Ethernet port on a Cisco switch?

Answers right here on the Bulldog Blog later today - and you'll also see the answers illustrated on LIVE Cisco routers and switches!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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