Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hi Bulldogs!

First, thanks to everyone for the great feedback on the CCNA / CCNP Etherchannel Webinar that I posted this past weekend!

This is the same 40-minute Webinar I taught live throughout 2009, and as part of the countdown to the launch of our new CCNA/CCNP On-Demand Webinar site in early January 2010, this free Webinar is now available on our YouTube Cisco Certification Channel as well as the Bulldog Blog!

Also, we're refreshing the main Bryant Advantage site to add even MORE video content and to make our library of over 300 Cisco Certification tutorials and practice exams easier and even more effective than before.

As part of that, we're refreshing five pages a day by adding new video content - and let's face it, with over 300 tutorials, it's easy to miss one!

Throughout the day, we'll be posting links to newly refreshed CCNA and CCNP tutorials - so after your scroll down in the blog and watch the Etherchannel Webinar, click these links for even more written and video content!

2010 is going to be the biggest year in the history of The Bryant Advantage - and it's all designed to help YOU have your best year ever!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

CCNA And CCNP Training Video:  Telnet

Main CCENT And CCNA Tutorial Page  - Links To Over 25 CCNA/CCENT Tutorials

CCNA / CCNP Tutorial And Video: The Configuration Register

OSPF Timers For The CCNA Exam


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