Monday, October 19, 2009

Reserve Your Spot NOW For These Popular -- And Free! -- CCNA And CCNP Webinars, Including Tuesday's Frame Relay Fundamentals Webinar!

I've just scheduled several 100%-live 100%-free CCNA and CCNP Webinars for October, and I want every single one of you to reserve your spot NOW - especially for the Etherchannel Webinar.

Why? Because Etherchannels are one of those subjects that regularly trip up CCNA and CCNP candidates alike - and after you attend my complimentary Etherchannel webinar, those questions will be easy points for you on exam day!

And we all like easy points, right? :)

I haven't even put these dates on the TBA website yet - so you've got a jump start on the thousands of students who will try to get in. Take just a few minutes to click the registration links in this email, and I'll see you soon for these 100%-live, 100%-no-cost Webinars!

And just a quick reminder -- you can still get a free CCNA Security Study Package - a $67 value - when you purchase any of my CCNA or CCNP Study Packages or Video Boot Camps!

That's right - any of them!

I've expanded this offer to include ALL of our Study Packages and Video Boot Camps, CCNA and CCNP alike - so take advantage of this offer now and click the banners in this newsletter! (Trainsignal's also offering Free Worldwide Shipping right now - so this is the best deal ever on my Cisco Video Boot Camps!)

So frankly, you save over $100 between shipping costs and this complimentary CCNA Security Study Package - so click the banners below for details and samples on each course, and I'll see you later today with my latest CCNA Video Practice Exam!

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http:// ?? (Coming in 4 weeks - The On-Demand CCNA Mastermind Webinar, and MUCH, much more!)

CCNA / CCNP Webinar: Etherchannels

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 - 4:00 And 9 PM EST

In this exclusive CCNA / CCNP Webinar, I'll show you the theory of Etherchannels - why we use them, their impact on your network and on the STP deployment, and more!

Then I'll create an Etherchannel LIVE during the Webinar, so you can see exactly how it's done, along with real-world tips to help you thrive in real-world networks AND on your CCNA and CCNP exams!

Click This Link To Register For The October 27 4 PM EST Session:

Click This Link To Register For The Oct. 27 9 PM EST Session:

And register for the Frame Relay Fundamentals Webinar, too!

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You Recieve A Free CCNA Security Study Package, a $67 value, With Any Purchase Of Any Of The Above Study Packages and Video Boot Camps!

Now let's get you registered for the Frame Relay Fundamentals Webinar!

Frame Relay Fundamentals Webinar
Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009 - 4 PM EST and 9 PM EST

In this Webinar, we'll take a look at basic Frame Relay theory, and then I'll configure Frame Relay for you LIVE - including frame map statements, IP connectivity tests, show and debug commands, and important Frame Relay debug and show commands you need for the exam and for the real world!

Click this link to register for the 4 PM EST Webinar:

And this link for the 9 PM EST Webinar!

See you at the Webinars!

Chris Bryant

CCIE #12933

"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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