Friday, September 11, 2009

I'll Have Three New CCNA And CCNP Videos For You This Weekend...

... in the meantime, enjoy this "Greatest Hits" collection of some of my most popular videos from my YouTube Cisco Certification Video channel!

Everyone who works with Cisco routers - and plans to get certified :) - needs to know how to build an Etherchannel. Here's a video that shows you just how to do that, and for a FREE Webinar on Etherchannels and STP that goes into even more detail, just click this link!

Bryant Advantage CCNA And CCNA Webinars

Here's the video!

Here's a Video Practice Exam for you CCNA Security certification candidates!

For A Limited Time - Receive Three Free Days Of CCNP Rack Time For BSCI And BCMSN Labs, A $37 Value, FREE With This Exclusive Bundle! It's Yours In Minutes After You Order - Click This Banner And Let's Get Started On The Way To Your CCNP!

Here's a great video for you CCNP candidates working on the BSCI exam - a BGP practice exam!

For the BCMSN candidates out there, here's a Video Practice Exam on Etherchannels!

For you ISCW and CCNA Security candidates alike, here's a Video Practice Exam on the IOS Firewall Set!

I'll have something new for you ONT candidates over the weekend, along with two new CCNA training videos -- and a sneak peak at our new On-Demand Webinar Service is also on the way.

I've added more great features to this new service - more details in the next blog post, and even MORE details are coming up in the next few days!

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