Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Join Me Live And Online Later Today For A FREE CCNA Frame Relay Webinar!

No credit card or microphone needed - just an hour of your time and the desire to earn your CCNA!

Just click the links below to register, and I'll see you at the Webinar! And after you register, be sure to scroll down in the blog for two new Cisco 5-Minute Practice Exams, and I'll have a new one for you later today!

CCNA Webinar Training: Frame Relay Fundamentals

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 - 4 PM EST and 9 PM EST

In this Webinar, we'll take a look at basic Frame Relay theory, and then I'll configure Frame Relay for you LIVE - including frame map statements, IP connectivity tests, show and debug commands, and important Frame Relay debug and show commands you need for the exam and for the real world!

Register For The 4 PM EST Webinar Here!

CCNA Frame Relay Webinar, 4:00 PM EST

To Register For The 9 PM EST Webinar, Click This Link:

CCNA Frame Relay Webinar, 9:00 PM EST

New CCNA Security and CCNP Webinars Are In Development - I'll See You At The Webinars!

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