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Hi Group!

Here are your Cisco practice exam questions for Saturday, July 4!

Answers were added on Monday, July 7.

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CCNA and CCENT Certification:

When using the RIP network command, which of the following are options?

A. Subnet / network mask

B. Wildcard mask

C. AS number

D. process number

E. version number

F. All of A - E

G. None of A - E

Answer: G. The RIP network command doesn't have any options - a rarity for Cisco!

CCNA Security:

You've just run AutoSecure in non-interactive mode. What is the new minimum length for passwords?

A. There isn't one.

B. 6

C. 4

D. 10

Answer: B.

And now for the CCNP questions!

BSCI Exam:

Which of the following BGP attributes is both optional and non-transitive?

A. weight



D. atomic aggregate


Answer: C.


Short answer: What is the well-known reserved MAC address used by HSRP?

Answer: The MAC address 00-00-0c-07-ac-xx is HSRP's well-known virtual MAC address, with xx being the group number in hexadecimal.

ISCW Exam:

Name the three major components of the Cisco IOS Firewall Set.

Answer: There are three major components to the IOS Firewall feature set - the IOS Firewall, the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and the Authentication Proxy.

ONT Exam:

What is the highest non-reserved CoS value?

A. 111

B. 110

C. 101

D. 11111111

E. 11110000

Answer: C.

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