Friday, July 31, 2009

Here are your five Cisco certification practice exam questions for Friday, July 31!

Today's questions are designed for you CCNA / CCENT candidates.

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1: Identify the protocol that uses each of the following reserved multicast addresses.




2. What does STP prevent?

A. routing loops

B. switching loops

C. both of these

D. neither of these

3. Which of the following terms describes ISL?

A. trunking protocol

B. multicast routing protocol

C. Cisco-proprietary

D. industry standard

E. encapsulates frames

4. What's the first step in the LMI Autosense process?

A. DTE sends multiple LMI messages

B. DCE sends a single LMI

C. DTE sends a single LMI

D. DCE sends multiple LMI messages

5. Short answer: What Cisco router configuration register setting will have the router ignore the contents of NVRAM upon a reload?

Answers right here on Saturday - see you then!

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