Monday, June 22, 2009

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Here are your free CCNA, CCNP, Security, Voice, and Network+ 2009 practice exam questions for Monday, June 22!

Answers were added on Tuesday, June 23.

All of today's questions are short answer - no choices given.

CCNA and CCENT Certification:

You're running EIGRP and RIP on your Cisco router, and you also have some static routes in your routing table. What command will display only the routing table entries created by RIP?

Answer: show ip route rip

CCNA Security:

What two- or three-command combination would accomplish all of the following?

A. Enable AAA

B. Configure the router to know there's a TACACS+ server at

C. Configure a password of PASSCISCOEXAM for communications with that server

Answer: You could use these two commands:

R1(config)#aaa new-model
R1(config)#tacacs-server host key PASSCISCOEXAM

Or you could use these three commands, which would have the same effect as the two commands shown above:

R1(config)#aaa new-model
R1(config)#tacacs-server host
R1(config)#tacacs-server key PASSCISCOEXAM

CCNA Voice:

What protocol enables Cisco switches to exchange information regarding Voice VLANs, as well as VLANs as a whole?

Extra credit: What's the default mode for this particular protocol?

Answer: That's the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP), and Cisco switches are in VTP Server mode by default.

Network+ 2009 Certification:

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Give three reasons for creating Virtual LANs.

Answer: To limit the scope of broadcasts, to logically group users and/or departments, and to implement network security by "hiding" a subnet from the rest of the network.

And now for the CCNP questions!

BSCI Exam:

What device or protocol uses the reserved multicast IP address ?

Answer: That's the "all hosts" reserved multicast address.


What interface-level command disables DTP?

Answer: switchport nonegotiate

ISCW Exam:

What word can be used to replace a wildcard entry of in an ACL?

Answer: "any"

ONT Exam:

Okay, this one's not short answer. :) Which of the following involves two-way authentication?





Answer: A.

Look for a new set of Cisco and CompTIA practice exam questions on Tuesday - and be sure to scroll down for more free Cisco training questions, plenty of new CCNA and CCNP training videos, and more!

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