Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hi Group!

Here are your Cisco practice exam questions for Monday, June 8!

When you're done tackling these, be sure to scroll down in the blog for more CCNA and CCNP training questions, new CCNA and Network+ videos, and much more!

CCNA / CCENT Certification:

You're checking the configuration of a Cisco router and note an interface called "port-channel". What exactly does that interface do?

CCNA Security:

To use NTP authentication, two commands are actually necessary. What are they?

And now, the answers to the CCNP questions....

BSCI Exam:

You know that BGP uses the Weight attribute as the first attribute considered when BGP chooses a best path. What's the second attribute?


To which multicast address are VRRP updates sent?

ISCW Exam:

Multiple choice for this one! You have an ACL and an ip inspect rule configured on the same interface and filtering traffic in the same direction. Which has precedence over the other?

A. The ACL will be run first.

B. The ip inspect rule will be run first.

C. Neither will successfully run.

D. They will run simultaneously.

ONT Exam:

WMM has four preset priority levels - Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Match the level with the traffic descriptions below.

A. video

B. voice

C. background traffic

D. best-effort delivery for non-voice and non-video traffic

Answers right here on Tuesday, June 9 - and check out our new Network+ 2009 certification website while you're here!

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