Sunday, May 17, 2009

Join Me This Week and Next Week For LIVE, FREE CCNA and CCNP Online Training!

You don't need a headset, a microphone, or any additional equipment to attend - just 45 minutes of your time and a desire to learn!

During my exclusive Webinars, I won't just read to you from a set of prepackaged slides - I'll discuss important theory with you AND show you the theory in action on live Cisco routers and switches during the lecture!

All you need to do to join is click the link for the Webinar(s) you want to attend, and register on the GoToWebinar page the link will take you to.

You will not be asked for any credit card information, or any financial information at all - my free Webinars are truly free!

I'll be adding CCNA Security and Voice webinars in the days and weeks ahead as well, so be sure to bookmark my CCNA And CCNP Webinars Page and watch the blog for the latest Webinar announcements.

Now let's take a look at the topics and times - and just a reminder, all times are in Eastern Standard Time. But I haven't forgotten my international friends - there's a time slot for everyone!

May 20 - Etherchannels

In this highly popular Webinar, I'll discuss the reasons you might want to create an Etherchannel, and then I'll build one LIVE right there in the Webinar. In addition to building and verifying the Etherchannel, we'll also introduce some "issues" and see how STP and the Etherchannel handle these issues!

To register, just click these links!

May 20, 9 PM EST - 10 PM EST:

May 20, 4 PM EST - 5 PM EST:

May 27 - Frame Relay Fundamentals

In this Webinar, we'll discuss the reasons we use Frame Relay, along with other basics such as the LMI, frame map statements, and plenty of other vital Frame Relay information.

I'll also demonstrate LIVE Frame Relay commands, including vital show and debug commands you need to master for your exams and for working in today's production networks.

To register, just click the links below!

May 27, 4 PM EST Start:

May 27, 9 PM EST Start:

More Webinars to come - and don't wait to register for these Webinars as I fully expect them to reach capacity.

See you Monday with a new set of Cisco practice exam questions and a new CCNA training video!

And be sure to join me in just three weeks for my next CCNA Mastermind Online Webinar - you can then attend the September Webinar at no additional cost for a refresh! Just click this banner or the link to learn more, and I'll see you at the Webinars!

CCNA Mastermind Online Webinar

Chris Bryant
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