Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here are the answers to your Cisco practice exam questions for Monday, May 11!

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CCNA / CCENT Certification:

Leaving the "broadcast" option out of your frame map statements can affect which of the following?


B. RIP v 1

C. RIP v 2


Answer: A, B, C, D. Leaving that option out affects routing protocols that use multicasts as well as broadcasts.

CCNA Security:

What's the default setting for Cisco router and switch interfaces?

A. They're all closed.

B. They're all open.

C. Switch interfaces are open, router interfaces are not.

D. Router interfaces are open, switch interfaces are not.

Answer: C, which can pose a security issue.

CCNA Voice:

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Before you learn about dial peers, you better know what types of dial peers we can configure. So what are they?

Answer: POTS and VoIP.

CCNA Wireless:

Just like a regular "wired" network, security is a major concern with wireless networks. Having said that, briefly describe the difference between a recon attack and an access attack.

Answer: A recon attack is primarily designed to gather information for use in future attacks; an access attack is designed to do just what you think - deny access to the network or device under attack.

Here are the answers to the CCNP questions from Monday:

BSCI Exam:

Identify the true statements regarding the BGP attribute weight.

A. On Cisco routers, it's the first attribute considered in the best-path selection process.

B. It is a Cisco-proprietary value

C. It is locally significant only

D. It is advertised to other routers as part of the BGP update process

Answer: (A, B, C). Weight is the first value considered in BGP path selection among multiple paths - and when the routers are Cisco routers!


Name the two Etherchannel negotiation protocols.

Answer: PAgP and LACP.

ISCW Exam:

Identify the true statements regarding VRRP.

A. Defined by RFC 2338

B. VRRP Advertisements are multicast to

C. The preempt option that does have to be hardcoded in HSRP does not have to be explicitly configured

D. The HSRP Active router serves the same purpose as the VRRP Master router

Answer: (A, B, C, D). All four statements accurately describe VRRP.

ONT Exam:

Which of the following headers are compressed by RTP Header Compression?





Answer: A, B, D. RTP HC will compress RTP headers, certainly - but it will also compress IP and UDP headers.

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