Friday, April 10, 2009

Join Me For Free, LIVE CCNA Training Online Next Tuesday and Wednesday!

On Tuesday, April 14, , I'll present two separate CCNA Webinars on the subject of Etherhchannels and STP.

I'll review Etherchannel theory with you and point out important details for your exam studies and for planning Etherchannels in the real world, and then I'll follow that with a LIVE demonstration of how to create an Etherchannel and its impact on STP!

Just click either of the two links below to register and you're all set! The first Webinar is 3 PM Eastern Standard Time, the next is 9 PM EST the same day.

No hardware purchase (or purchase of anything, for that matter!) required to attend - just an internet connection and the desire to pass your CCNA!

CCNA Webinar, Afternoon Session: Etherchannels

CCNA Webinar, Evening Session: Etherchannels

And the very next day, Wednesday, April 15, I'll run two free Frame Relay Fundamentals Webinars - note the times for these are slightly different, 3 PM and 10 PM EST.

Frame Relay Fundamentals Webinar (Afternoon Session)

Frame Relay Fundamentals Webinar (Evening Session)

And be sure to join me in April for my next CCNA Mastermind Online Webinar - you can then attend the June Webinar at no additional cost! Just click this banner or the link to learn more, and I'll see you at the Webinars!

CCNA Mastermind Online Webinar

To your success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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