Wednesday, April 01, 2009

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We're starting a brand-new series of Cisco certification exam practice questions today, along with a new series of Cisco videos - actually, there will be at least one new video every single day in April!

There are some other great new features to the website and the blog on the way in the very near future - and they're all designed to help YOU earn your Cisco certifications!

That includes a new series of free CCNA and CCNP Webinars, and you'll find registration links for next week's Webinars in other blog posts!

In today's blog, there's a brand-new set of Cisco practice exam questions, links to two new videos posted this week, a Thought For The Day, and more - so let's get started!

Thought For The Day:

"Surmounting difficulty is the crucible that forms character. " - Anthony Robbins

Here are Wednesday, April 1's Cisco practice exam questions!

CCNA / CCENT Certification:

You've just successfully bundled three separate physical trunks into an Etherchannel. What is the net effect on the overall port cost of these links?

A. The Etherchannel will have a single port cost, and it will be lower than that of the separate links.

B. The Etherchannel will have a single port cost, and it will be higher than that of the separate links.

C. The Etherchannel will have a single port cost roughly equivalent to that of the separate links.

D. Etherchannels do not have port costs.

CCNA Security:

What is the numeric value assigned to the highest devices in an NTP hierarchy?

CCNA Voice - Just 60 Days Until My CCNA Voice Study Package Is Released!

Which of the following is true of H.323?

A. It's Cisco-proprietary.

B. It's considered a "mature" protocol.

C. It does not support many recent VoIP features.

D. Cisco IP Phones do not support this protocol.

CCNA Wireless:

Once a Wireless AP forms an association with a controller, that AP should receive a list of other acceptable controllers. These controllers are collectively referred to as what?

A. mobility group

B. WAP band

C. Oxy Clean

D. Big City Slider Station


Answers right here on Thursday, April 2 - CCNP Questions coming right up!

Here are today's CCNP questions!

BSCI Exam:

4. Identify the well-known mandatory BGP attributes.


B. Local Pref

C. Atomic Aggregate

D. Origin

E. Next-Hop


Arrange the following four switching methods in order of speed, fastest to slowest.

A. Fast Switching


C. Process Switching

D. Distributed CEF

ISCW Exam:

You're configuring a VPN with SDM, and you're configuring the Connection Information section. What authentication options will you be presented with?



D. Digital Certificates


ONT Exam:

What common term refers to the process of process of assigning the packet a value reflecting the level of QoS it should receive and then placing that packet into a queue in accordance with that level of QoS?

Answers right here on Thursday, April 2!

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To your success,

Chris Bryant
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