Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi Group! :)

Here are the answers to Wednesday's Cisco training questions!

Be sure to visit the blog Friday and over the weekend, as I'll be posting at least three new CCNA / CCNP training videos, plus you can still register for free CCNA Webinar training sessions that are coming up soon - Etherchannel training on Tuesday and Frame Relay Fundamental training on Wednesday!

CCNA / CCENT Certification:

Identify the true statements regarding extended ACLs.

A. There are two separate numeric ranges available.

B. Both a source and destination IP address range must be specified.

C. Either a source or destination IP address range may be specified, but they're not both required.

D. It's permissible to use the "any" and "host" options twice in a single ACL line.

E. You can only use the "any" and "host" options once in a single ACL line.

Answers: A, B, D. There are two numeric ranges for both extended and standard ACLs, and you must specify both a source and destination IP address range.

CCNA Security:

Identify the default mode of TCP Intercept.

A. filter

B. source guard

C. intercept

D. watch

Answer: C.

CCNA Voice - Just 59 Days Until My CCNA Voice Study Package Is Released!

You need to find the MAC address of your new IP Phone. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways you can get this information?

A. Look at the box it came in.

B. Look at the receiver of the phone.

C. Look at the back of the phone.

D. Check the Settings menu on the phone.

E. Run the "show interface phone0" command.

Answer: B, E.

CCNA Wireless:

We have three basic types of Wireless frame types. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

A. control


C. data


E. management

F. controller

Answers: B, D, F.

CCNP Certification Answers:


Arrange the following in order of AD, from lowest to highest.

A. EIGRP (Internal)



D. EIGRP (External)

E. EIGRP (Summary)

Answer: E (5), A (90), B (110), D (170), C (200).


R2 has been configured for HSRP:

R2(config)#interface ethernet0

R2(config-if)#standby 5 ip

As it turns out, R2 is the Active router for this deployment. Given its MAC address of aa-bb-cc-11-22-33, what is the MAC address of the virtual router?

Answer: The MAC address 00-00-0c-07-ac-XX is the HSRP virtual MAC address for the Active router, with "XX" representing the HSRP group number in hex. The standby command mentioned group 5, which is 05 in hex, giving us the final MAC address 00-00-0c-07-ac-05.

ISCW Exam:

Which of the following is generally considered to be the strongest encryption algorithm?

D. 4xAES

Answer: A.

ONT Exam:

Short answer: Improperly configured, PQ can lead to packet starvation. Generally speaking, what sort of misconfiguration causes this issue?

Answer: Configuring too many packet types as High priority.

I'll have another set of Cisco practice exam questions for you on Friday, and remember - at least one new Cisco video will be posted every single day in April!

To your success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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