Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hi Group!

In this post, you'll find the questions (and answers!) from Wednesday's posts. Enjoy, and be sure to watch the blog today and over the weekend for a major CCNA Security certification training opportunity!

CCNA / CCENT Certification:

What value acts as a password when Port Security is enforced?

A. The password you configure with the port-security password command.

B. The enable password.

C. A MAC address.

D. An IP address.

E. The VTY password.

F. The console port password.

Answer: C. Actually, the MAC address of the host connected to that switch port is the "password" for port security.

CCNA Security:

Short answer: Working from bottom to top, at which layer of the OSI model should your network security procedures begin?

Answer: Always start your network security procedures at the same layer you'd begin your troubleshooting processes - the Physical layer. Make sure your network is physically secure!

CCNA Voice: (My CCNA Voice Study Package will be released in June!)

Short answer: What is the net effect of the reset sequence-all command?

Answer: Here is the Cisco IOS description of this command:

"Reset all ethernet phones sequentially, wait for each phone to re-register before resetting the next phone. This prevents possible conflict between phones when accessing IOS TFTP services."

CCNA Wireless:

Typically, what type of device is used to authenticate users when 802.1x is in use?

A. router

B. switch

C. AAA server


Answer: C.

And now for the CCNP answers....

BSCI Exam:

For what purpose is the following formula used?

100,000,000 / Bandwidth in BPS

Answer: Answer: That formula is used by OSPF to calculate an interface's cost.


What is added to a frame destined for the native vlan when ISL is in use?

A. header

B. trailer

C. both

D. neither

Answer: C. ISL encapsulates all frames, whether they belong to the native VLAN or not.

ISCW Exam:

At the command line, you just ran the auto secure command with no additional options. In which mode will auto secure now run?

A. Interactive

B. Non-interactive

C. Dynamic

D. Static

E. TCP Intercept

Answer: A.

ONT Certification:

Which of the following are SDM defaults?

A. Preview commands before delivering to router

B. Save signature file to Flash

C. Confirm before exiting from SDM

D. Reload router upon exit

Answer: B, C. I like using option A when I work with SDM, but it's not set by default. Just go into Preferences to enable that feature.

Watch the blog for a new set of Cisco training questions on Friday, April 17!

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