Thursday, April 23, 2009

Check Out These Cisco Home Lab Videos... Even If You Don't Have A Lab!

Some of the most popular videos on my YouTube Cisco Certification Video channel deal with access servers and frame relay switches, which can both be a little tricky to configure the first time around.

To help you with that - and to talk about some commands you just might see on CCNA exam day! - here are those four videos.

When you're done watching these, be sure to visit my website's Cisco Certification Video page and the Cisco Home Lab Help section of my website. Even if you're not working on a home lab right now, there's plenty of great CCNA and CCNP study material there - and it's all free!

(And so are my other 275+ CCNA and CCNP Tutorials on this page!)

Here's the first part of my Frame Relay Switch video:

And here's Part 2!

I'm asked quite often about Access Server purpose and configuration - here's are two videos that will help you with that!

Here's the access server configuration video:

And here's a link to a tutorial on my website where you can just copy and paste my config straight into your access server if you like!

Cisco Access Server Configuration

Enjoy those videos, and be sure to scroll down in the blog for your opportunity to register for my free CCNA and CCNP Webinars - the next one is next week, so enroll today! No money needed, and no special hardware or software - just 45 minutes of your time and a desire to pass the CCNA and CCNP exam!

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