Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi Group!

I'm happy to report we're just about all over the flu bug, so we're back on a regular schedule... and for today, that includes all of the following!

-- Registration opens today for my next set of free CCNA Webinars, where I'll show you why Etherchannels are so important - and then I'll configure one for you LIVE, pointing out the details that make the difference on exam day and in a production network!

-- You can also now sign up for my April CCNA Mastermind Webinar, and then attend the June Webinar for free! Click that link for more details and find out why my March students were so pleased with their CCNA Mastermind Webinar!

-- A new series of CCNA and CCNP practice exam questions debuts today, including CCNA Voice questions!

-- BTW, my CCNA Voice Study Package will be released in May, with the CCNA Voice Video Boot Camp following that shortly!

-- I'll have a new CCNA Certification Video Practice Exam posted later today as well

.... and that should keep everyone busy for at least a day! :) See ya later today!

To your success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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