Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's Double Feature Day here at The Bryant Advantage, with TWO new Cisco certification videos to help you earn your Cisco certifications in 2009!

Before we get to the videos, I'm happy to announce that due to popular demand (as opposed to unpopular demand, I suppose!), I've extended the $200 discount on the upcoming February and March CCNA Mastermind Webinars!

(And yes, those of you who booked at full price are getting $200 back!)

You now get over 25 hours of live CCNA online training from yours truly for only $197 - and the February webinar begins only two weeks from today, so get over there and reserve your seat now!

To reserve your seat, just click on this link or call 1-877-800-2342 right now!


See you at the Webinar!

Now let's get to today's videos! The first deals with differences between TCP and UDP, plus a major advantage to using UDP that many CCNA and CCENT books leave out. This video is required watching for any and all CCENT and CCNA candidates!

And how about a snack before the next video starts? :)

"Butter Drenched", to say the least!

Now on to the second part of today's double feature! Today's bonus video will show you important details about two commands that are also left out of many CCNA books - but I guarantee you'll see both of these commands in production networks and quite possibly in the exam room as well!

Also, if you have a home lab or rent remote access to equipment, these two commands can save you a lot of trouble - so click this video and start watching!

Enjoy these videos, and head over to my YouTube CCNA/CCNP Certification Video Channel and my Cisco Certification Tutorial page for plenty of additional reading and viewing - and I'll see you later today with a new set of Cisco practice exam questions!

To your success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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