Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here are the answers to the Cisco practice exam questions posted on Wednesday, February 11!

New questions coming up later today, and be sure to scroll down for more Cisco training videos and practice exam questions!

CCNA / CCENT Certification:

Name the routing algorithm used by each of the following.

A. RIP (Bellman-Ford)

B. OSPF (Dijkstra / SPF)


CCNA Security:

What type of device lies at the top of the NTP hierarchy?

While we're at it, what port number does NTP use?

Answer: NTP uses UDP port 123, and you'll find atomic clocks at the very top of the NTP pyramid. I mean, Hierarchy. :)

CCNP Certification / BSCI Exam:

What command would configure OSPF area 7 as a total stub?


R3(config)#router ospf 1
R3(config-router)#area 7 stub no-summary

CCNP Certification / BCMSN Exam:

What command disables a Layer 3 switch's ability to route, assuming this capability was previously enabled?

Answer: no ip routing.

CCNP Certification / ISCW Exam:

You want to view the commands to be delivered to a router via SDM *before* they're delivered. Do you have to do anything, or is this a default behavior?

If it's not a default behavior, what do you have to do?

Answer: It's not a default setting - you just need to go into Preferences and click the "preview commands before delivery" box.

New questions later today!

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