Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here's Your Opportunity To Work With Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933, For One Full Week - All The Way To Your CCNA!

In February and March, I'll be spending one full week online with a select group of CCNA students - and this group is restricted to four students in each class!

The lectures are fully interactive, and each student then has the opportunity to work with their own, unshared pod of Cisco routers and switches- and each student will then receive personalized feedback and pointers on their lab work from yours truly. These pointers will help you to truly master the skills required to pass the CCNA exam!

To learn more about the course and see the online classroom, just click this link!

The CCNA Mastermind Online Boot Camp

You can see the classroom here as well in a smaller version - of course, the virtual classroom appears much larger on your PC! :)

Enroll today, and I'll see you in class!

To your success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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