Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Friday, November 21, and here are the answers to Thursday's Cisco free practice exam questions!

CCNA Voice questions debut the first week of December!

CCNA Certification And CCENT Certification:

Which of the following differ between the two versions of RIP?

A. Default administrative distance

B. Routing update authentication capability

C. Support for VLSM

D. Metric that indicates a route has been poisoned

Answer: B, C. Only RIP version 2 supports routing update authentication and VLSM. Both versions use the same metric for route poisoning (16) and both have the same administrative distance.

CCNA Security Certification / CCNP ISCW Exam:

The SDM desktop launcher has a field with a drop-down box. What information is required in that box?

A. The username

B. The password

C. The device's IP address

D. The privilege level

Answer: C. The drop-down box is where you enter the IP address or hostname of the device you'll be configuring.

CCNP Certification / BSCI Exam:

Short answer: What command resets a BGP connection without actually tearing it down?

Answer: To clear the sessions without resetting the sessions, use the soft option with the clear ip bgp command.

R1#clear ip bgp * soft

CCNP Certification / BCMSN Exam:

Which of the following describes IRDP?

A. Extends the default route poisoning metric of RIP

B. Acts as a router redundancy service

C. Is defined by RFC 1256

D. Uses the concept of a virtual router

E. Disables split horizon

F. Allows OSPF routers to act as the DR for multiple segments

Answer: A, C. IRDP is a router redundancy protocol, and is defined by RFC1256. Unlike other router redundancy protocols such as HSRP, IRDP does *not* use the concept of a virtual router.

CCNP / ONT Exam:

Which of the following interface types cannot run NBAR?

A. Dialer interfaces

B. Fast Etherchannel

C. Fast Ethernet

D. Interfaces already running tunneling

Answer: A, B, D. NBAR can run on Fast Ethernet interfaces (thankfully!), but it cannot run on the other types shown.

More questions later today, along with a new (and free!) CCNA / CCENT training video!

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