Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Friday, October 31, and here are the answers to yesterday's Cisco training questions!

CCNA Certification And CCENT Certification:

What is the hexadecimal representation of the decimal 975?

Answer: We have 3 units of 256, 12 ("c") units of 16, and 15 ("f") units of one, for a final answer of 3cf.

CCNA Security Certification / CCNP ISCW Exam:

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What's the difference between "in-band" and "out-of-band" management?

Answer: Out-of-band (OOP) management involves separating network management traffic and production data traffic, while in-band management has the two share the same network and channels.

CCNP Certification / BSCI Exam:

With the ip helper-address command , what exactly is being "helped"?

Answer: The ip helper-address command takes certain broadcasts and translates then into unicasts in order to allow the router to forward them.

CCNP Certification / BCMSN Exam:

What multilayer switch feature is being configured here?

SW1(config)#int vlan22
01:30:04: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Vlan22, changed state to up
01:30:05: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Vlan22, changed state to up
SW1(config-if)#ip address

Answer: That's a Switched Virtual Interface (SVI).

CCNP / ONT Exam:

What protocol does the WCS use to communicate with the WLCs?

Answer: SNMP.

More questions right here later today!

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