Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's Thursday, July 3, and here are your Cisco certification practice exam questions for today. Be sure to check today's other blog posts for a new CCNA Security exam tutorial and the latest information on the new CCNA Security, Wireless, and Voice certification exams!

CCNA Certification:

Convert the hex value "Cd" into both a decimal value and binary string.

CCNA Security:

What is the net effect of this command?

R1(config)#aaa authentication login default group radius group tacacs

CCENT Certification:

Name the layers of the TCP/IP networking model and describe how those layers map to the OSI model.


What makes a floating static route "float"?


What is an Etherchannel? Why do we use them? What physical limitations should be considered when configuring one?


Name the four available severity levels for IPS signatures.

CCNP / ONT Exam:

You can configure TCP header compression and RTP header compression in "passive mode". What's the net effect of doing so?

Answers right here on Friday, July 4!

To your success,

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