Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Sunday, June 22, and here are today's Cisco certification exam practice questions!

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CCENT Certification:

In the following illustration, a host has sent an ARP Request. Four ports are shown on the switch. How many ports will forward that ARP Request?


Fill in the blank: A route that is not the best route to a destination, but is still valid and can be used if the primary path goes down, is referred to in EIGRP as the ____________ .


A BGP route displays a code of "?". What does this most likely mean?

A. The route was learned from an iBGP peer.

B. The route was learned by BGP via redistribution.

C. The route is corrupt.

D. The route is being computed by BGP's routing algorithm and will be available in a few seconds, unless it becomes stuck-in-active.


What QoS scheme is defined in RFC 1613?

A. DiffServ


C. best-effort

D. Integrated Services


What command resulted in the following output?

Configured SDF Locations:
Builtin signatures are enabled but not loaded
Last successful SDF load time: 14:17:00 UTC May 16 2008
IPS fail closed is disabled
Fastpath ips is enabled
Quick run mode is enabled
Event notification through syslog is enabled
Event notification through SDEE is enabled
Total Active Signatures: 500
Total Inactive Signatures: 0

Signature 50000:0 disable
Signature 50000:1 disable
Signature 50000:2 disable
IPS Rule Configuration
IPS name sdm_ips_rule
Interface Configuration
Interface FastEthernet0/1
Inbound IPS rule is not set
Outgoing IPS rule is sdm_ips_rule
Interface FastEthernet0/0
Inbound IPS rule is sdm_ips_rule
Outgoing IPS rule is not set

CCNP / ONT Exam:

In an analog-to-digital conversion, the following four actions are taken. What is their proper order?

A. Quantize the sample

B. Sample the analog signal

C. Compress the sample (optional step)

D. Encode the signal

Answers posted right here on Monday!

To your success,

Chris Bryant
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