Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The ISCW Study Package Has Been Released!

I'm offering a $10 discount for my blog and newsletter readers, and this discount expires at Midnight on Tuesday, June 3!

I've packed this ISCW Study Package with vital exam information, including screen shots of Security Device Manager that you'll see nowhere else!

Here's just some of what the ISCW Study Package covers....

Key details about Cisco's Security Device Manager, including how to use it to configure Autosecure, AAA, the Cisco IOS Firewall Set, site-to-site Virtual Private Networks, and more.

All about Virtual Private Networks, including illustrated theory and real-world examples using IPSec, GRE, IKE policies, transform sets, crypto ACLs, configuring GRE over IPSec tunnels, Easy VPN Server and Client, and more!

Clear and comprehensive explanations of MultiProtcol Label Switching - MPLS. If you haven't worked with MPLS before, it's a whole new world from anything you've worked with before, and my ISCW Study Guide will help you master the fundamentals of MPLS!

How to configure the Cisco IOS Firewall Set at the command line and with Security Device Manager (SDM). You'll learn how to defend against TCP SYN attacks, how to write inspection rules, what needs to be done before using SDM and how to do it, how to edit your firewall policy, and more!

You'll learn the differences and similarities between the Intrusion Detection System and the Intrusion Prevention Systems - besides the obvious, that is!

Then I'll show you how to configure IPS with - you guessed it - the Security Device Manager.

That's just some of what you'll learn with my new ISCW Study Package, and even better, you can save $10 by getting over there now!

The Ultimate ISCW Study Package

And you can save $67 and get three free days rack time with my CCNP Study Package Bundle - you get immediate download of my BSCI, BCMSN, and ISCW Study Packages, plus the ONT Study Package on June 30. It's the best deal ever on my CCNP Study Packages!

Details at the bottom of this page....

The Ultimate ISCW Study Package

To your success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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