Thursday, September 06, 2007

Beat The November CCNA Exam Changes - Guaranteed!

Get A FREE Ultimate CCNA Study Package For The 804-902 Exam In November If You Don't Pass The Current Exam By Then!

(Even if you don't take the current exam, you still get the updated version for free!)

Even MORE New CCNAs Have Beaten The Change - Join Them Today!

"Hi Chris, add my name to the list. I just passed the 640-801 thanks to The Bryant Advantage. I can't thank you enough!" - James Brochu, New CCNA!

"Chris, just wanted to drop you a line. I took the exam today and passed. Your materials are wonderful and I will not hesitate to make a recommendation!" - Maureen McCarthy Noe, New CCNA!

"Chris, this morning I passed the CCNA exam scoring 923 with 24 minutes left in the test. Thanks for putting your study material together, it's by far the best CCNA prep material I've ever come across." - Marcelo Geoghegan, New CCNA!

"I just wanted to let you know that I passed my CCNA today. Boy was it *tough*, and I know I wouldn't have passed without your help. Thanks for making my certification goals possible." - Christian Rasch, New CCNA!

"I passed the CCNA with a 910! Thanks for producing such great quality training material!" - Ed McKenna, New CCNA!

"Thanks for your help in my CCNA cert progress - I took the test today and passed on my first try - I can say, I owe you one!" - Juan Gonzales, New CCNA!

"I passed my CCNA exam today with a score of 910. Your study materials are right on!" - Richard Anderson, New CCNA!

The current version of the CCNA exam (640-801) will be phased out on November 6, which gives you plenty of time to get started now and pass before that date. (And with IPv6, RSTP, and many other topics added to the 640-802 CCNA exam, a lot of people will want to pass before then!)

To help you get CCNA certified with the 640-801 exam, I'm making a guarantee that no other training company will make:

When you purchase my current Ultimate CCNA Study Package now, I guarantee you'll pass the current CCNA exam before it's phased out in November, or I'll set you up with a brand new Ultimate CCNA Study Package for the 640-802 exam at that time!

I know that every single one of you can pass the CCNA exam before November 5, and that's why I'm making this incredible guarantee.

If something happens in the meantime to slow your study progress, you don't have to worry about shelling out more money for study materials for the new exam - I'll set you up for FREE.

No other company is going to make that guarantee!

You literally can't lose - you either become a CCNA before November or I'll give you everything you need to pass the next version of the CCNA exam.

Just click this link and order today - and you and I will work together to make you a CCNA!

To your success,
Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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