Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Welcome back! Here are the answers to Tuesday's CCNA and CCNP questions!


Short answer: Convert the binary string 11111111 into a hex value.

Answer: In decimal, that's 255; in hex, it's FF or ff. (15 units of 16, 15 units of 1)


Short answer: A routing table has three routes to a remote destination. The router codes for the three routes are "I", "D", and "D EX". According to their administrative distance, what is the order of trustworthiness of these routes, from best to worst?

Answer: Those codes represent routes discovered by IGRP (I), Internal EIGRP (D), and External EIGRP (D EX). Listed in order of trustworthiness, best to worst:

Internal EIGRP (AD of 90)

IGRP (AD of 100)

External EIGRP (AD of 170)


Short answer: What networking modeling term describes a logical grouping of access and distribution-layer switches?

Answer: Access- and distribution-layer switches form switch blocks.

New questions posted later today!

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