Friday, December 29, 2006

Here are the answers to Thursday's Cisco certification exam practice questions!


Choose the statements that accurately describe LMI Autosense.

A. The DTE sends three LMI messages, the DCE responds with one.

B. The DCE sends three LMI messages, the DTE responds with one.

C. This is a Frame Relay feature.

D. This is an ISDN feature.

Answers: A, C. The DTE will send one of each LMI message type to start the process. This is a Frame Relay feature.


Short answer: In ISIS terminology, what is an "intermediate system"?

Answer: An ISIS "IS" is simply a router.


Short answer: You want to connect your laptop directly to the console port of a switch. What kind of cable will you need?

Answer: You're going to need a rollover cable.


What form of compression is defined in RFC 1144?

A. stacker

B. TCP/IP Header


D. Predictor

Answer: B. That particular RFC defines TCP/IP Header compression.


Using what PPP feature results in the dynamic creation of a virtual-access interface?

A. callback

B. etherchannel

C. dynamic SPID assignment

D. multilink

Answer: D. When you configure PPP multilink, a new virtual interface, the virtual-access interface, is created.

See you later today with a brand new set of questions!

To your Cisco certification success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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