Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Here are the answer to yesterday's CCNA / CCNP practice questions.


How many valid host IP addresses exist on the subnet?

Answer: Six. This is a Class C network, with a network mask of (/24). Comparing the network and subnet masks in binary shows that there are 5 subnet bits and 3 host bits. Using the formula [ (2 to the nth power) - 2 ] to determine the number of valid host addresses, there are six valid addresses on this subnet.


There are four routers on an OSPF broadcast network segment. If all OSPF settings are at their default, how many DROTHERS will be on the segment?

Answer: There will be one DR, one BDR, and two DROTHERS - routers that are neither the DR nor the BDR.


What's the name for the network design where the core switches are also the distribution switches?

This is a collapsed core network design.

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